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  1. Crimsonwrath

    Crimsonwrath Active Member

    New to the server? Let me be the first to personally welcome you to our community! Here are some general tips on how to get yourself started. If you have any questions comments or concerns, please message me. Hope this helps!

    1) The server and forum rules - First and foremost, you are going to want to familiarize yourself with our server rules.
    Here's where you can find the in-game rules:
    Server Rules | Skyblock Forums
    And here are the forums rules:
    Forum Rules | Skyblock Forums
    These are very important, and failure to follow these rules and guidelines will lead to punishment.

    2) Vote every day! - Not only does voting help to spread the word about our server and increase the number of players on, voting also helps you out too! Here are the vote links, they can also be found in game by typing /vote
    Vote for Skyblock | Minecraft Servers
    Skyblock 1.10.2 Vote Page - Minecraft Server
    So what can voting do for you?
    You can vote on each link once every 24 hours. It's simple and takes only a matter of seconds, all you have to do is enter your username and check a box to verify you are not a spambot. Upon voting, you will receive a voter crate key which can be redeemed at /warp trade, as well as a grass block.
    On top of this, if you are lucky you can also win a special prize! Here are those prizes and percentages:
    Gyazo - 6500084560d07b9403a87dc2b0b6b366.png
    I've won multiple mob spawners off of lucky votes, so give it a try every day!
    After voting rewards are applied to both and

    3) Donating - See all the donors with the fancy colored names and special perks on the server? Want to become one? Here you can find the donation links for,, and our skywars server for those who are interested.
    Donate | Skyblock Forums
    Although donating is not mandatory, it does help out the server alot, and in return, you get cool perks!
    *Please note that all donations are non-refundable, and charging back will result in a permanent ban until the chargeback is lifted.

    4) What? There are two skyblock servers?
    There are two official skyblock servers owned by Noobcrew. - Standard skyblock server, player run economy, grass and diamonds are the main currency of the server. - Economy server, admin shop as well as a balance system
    To access the economy server from, type /server economy
    *Please note that donor ranks are separate for each server, and do not carry over.

    5) Hacked Clients - This is a commonly asked question on the server. Yes, hacked clients are allowed to use, however, only certain hacks are allowed. If you are using or plan to use a hacked client any time soon, please review the list of hacks that are not allowed.
    You can find this here: Acceptable Hacks/Cheats | Skyblock Forums
    Using illegal hacks is against the rules, and is a very high offense level.

    6) Reporting users - If you have caught another user performing an illegal action, please report them on the forums so that the moderators can deal with them easier and prevent it from occurring again.
    Before creating a report, please see the rules for the reports section here:
    Reports Section Rules | Skyblock Forums

    Again, welcome to the server! We sincerely hope that you enjoy your stay and stick around, this is a great community and definitely something you want to be a part of. If you have any questions or need help, don't hesitate to message me or a staff member here on forums or in-game.

    This thread is not complete, I ran out of time tonight but will simplify, add on more detail, as well as many more sections soon. Thanks!
    *Please do not post off-topic comments*
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    Tenzimisbae Member

    hey!! Im not new but was passing by and saw this, your layout is perfect and your have all the content necessary. You used colours which makes it more appealing. Well done! Keep it up!

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