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  1. CypriotMerks

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    If you get banned, appeal here based on your server: .NET Appeals | Skyblock Forums .ORG Appeals | Skyblock Forums
    Not on Temporary bans, they must be 6 hours or more to be appealable, less and you have to wait it out.

    If you want to report someone, report them here based on your server: | Skyblock Forums | Skyblock Forums

    General Server Rules(Global):
    • Staff Disrespect: (1-3 day automatic ban)
    • Chat Related Offenses: (30 minute - 2 hour mute)
    • Extreme Chat Related Offenses: (1-3 day automatic ban)
    • Advertising: (31 day ban)
    • DDoS, DoX or Account Hacking Threats: (7-31 day ban based on offence history & severity)
    • Releasing Private Information: (7-31 day ban based on offence severity)
    • Staff Impersonation: (3-7 day ban)
    • Ban/Mute Evading: (Ban for the same amount of time as the muted/banned main)
    • Posting Malicious Links: (31 day automatic ban)
    • Scamming: (7-31 day ban based on the number of offenses)
    • Griefing: (Per moderator discretion, up to 31 day ban)
    • Illegal Trading: (7 day ban, for an in-depth on illegal trading look here)
    • Inappropriate Names and Skins: (3-31 day ban based severity and number of offenses)
    • Player killing (3 day ban)
    • Nick Abuse (Warning then 1-3 day ban if refusal to change /nick)

    General Server Rules(Global): - Indepth
    • Staff Disrespect:
    Please respect and obey all members of the team at all times. Disrespecting any of our staff is not allowed.

    In-game: The first offense will be up to 3 day ban. If you continue, it could go up to 7 days. The length of the ban is up to the staff member.

    • Chat Related Offenses:
    Some chat offenses include but are not limited to spam, flaming, swearing, and filter bypassing. Chat offenses are always taken into context and punishment may vary.

    In-game: Players will receive warnings/kick on first offense. Mute may follow if warnings ignored.

    • /Nick Abuse
    Nick abusing is when you take another player's nickname who had it first, and use it for your own purposes. If the player gives you permission, you are allowed to use it. If you have permission to use someone's /nick, please try and have screenshot proof of them saying you can.

    In-game: Staff will ask you to change it, if you refuse it will be a 1-3 day ban.

    • Extreme Chat Related Offenses:
    Some extreme chat offenses include but are not limited to racism, sexism, death wishes/death threats, discrimination of any sort. Chat offenses are always taken into context and punishment may vary.

    In-Game: Based on context and severity. May result in permanent mute or ban.
    • Advertising:
    Do not advertise any external website or IP that could potentially draw users away from Skyblock. Although, some exceptions include Twitch, Youtube, Crew’s/Cyp's other servers, or other channels.

    In-game: Advertising any IP for the first time will be a month ban.

    In-game: Advertising without an IP address such as saying "Let's play Hypixel" can result in a warn for first offense. If it continues, a mute may occur.

    In-game: Advertising inappropriate links: such as porn or anything of the nature will be a 31 day ban

      • DDoS, DoX or Account Hacking Threats:
    Do not threaten to DoX or DDoS any Skyblock member or server. Do not threaten to hack player accounts.

    In-game: These threats will result in a 7 day ban. Second time will be a 2 week ban. Anymore offenses will be a 31 day ban.

    • Releasing Private Information:
    Do not release private information of anyone on Skyblock. This includes but is not limited to IP addresses, addresses, phone numbers, names, or Skype usernames. The severity of the private information & punishment will be determined by this:

    Real Name, IRL photos, family member names, age: 7 day ban (This must be reported by the player whose name/photo was released, not all players mind if this information is used)

    Skype Username, any social media username, zip code, town name, school name: 14 day ban

    IP Addresses, Phone Numbers, DOX Information, Home Addresses, email address, passwords: 31 day ban

    • Staff Impersonation:
    Do not act as if you are a SB staff member when you are not. This can be very misleading.

    In-game: Staff Impersonation will result in a 3 day ban. Second time and after will be a 7 day ban.

    • Ban/Mute Evading:
    Do not ban/mute evade or try to get around a ban placed on one of your accounts. If you are given a punishment, you are expected to carry it out like everyone else.

    In-game: Ban evasion will result in your alt being banned for the same amount as the main.

    In-game: Mute evasion will cause your account to be banned for the remaining length of the mute.

    • Posting Malicious Links:
    Do not send links meant to harm anyone. These can include phishing links, links that download keyloggers, or IP grabbers.

    In-game: Sending such links will result in a 31 day ban.

    • Scamming:
    Do not scam any user of Skyblock out of their items, rank, or money.

    Skyblock staff do not do refunds for items that you may be scammed of, trade at your own risk.

    In-game: Scamming will result in a 7 day the first time. The second time will result in a 31 day ban.
    *If reporting a scam, please be sure that we can clearly see exactly what you are trading for and both players agreeing to the trade in video evidence.*

    • Griefing:
    Griefing is not allowed, however with most reported cases we ask that coop members solve the issue between themselves. /trust and /coop users at your own risk. Multiple reported griefs from the same user will result in a 31 day ban and minor grief punishments vary by moderator. Single large griefs will also result in punishment, as long as there is evidence that it was truly malicious griefing and not a spat among team members. Killing animals on islands without permission is also considered griefing.

      • Island farming:
    Island farming is the term used for resetting a new island repeatedly in order to collect the materials (lava bucket, sand, dirt) for another island. This is a form of cheating, and can lead to a ban along with confiscation of all materials.

    • Inappropriate Names and Skins:
    Do not login our server with an inappropriate skin or username.

    In-game: Inappropriate skin/username is a 3 day ban for first offense. Second offense and after is a 31 day

    *Note: repeat offences can lead to extended bans and/or a permanent ban*
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  2. Exstatisfy

    Exstatisfy Active Member

    Forum Rules

    - Rate Abuse
    Do not abuse the ratings on anyone. Refer to this thread here to learn more about rate abuse.

    - Profanity
    Do not curse on forums, this includes censored and uncensored cursing.

    - Disrespect/Harassment:
    Do not disrespect or harass any member on forums, this is not tolerated.

    - Derailing
    Do not post any off-topic things in thread, keep comments on a thread along the lines of the original topic.

    - Advertising
    Do not post links, IP's, or anything directing to another server on the forums.

    - Profile Pictures/Signatures
    Do not use photos that contain nudity, disrespectful content, racism, or any distasteful content.
    The use of offensive language is not allowed in profile pictures/signatures.

    - Trolling
    Do not try to manipulate someone, or cause harm by stating facts that are not true.

    - Scamming
    Do not use a website to scam people or make a thread with the intention of scamming people in-game.

    - Sexism/Racism
    Do not harass anyone based on their sexuality, or race.

    - Innapropriate Content
    Do not post links that will lead to unlawful/innapropriate content.

    - Leaking/Sharing Personal Info
    Do not leak someone elses or give out personal information. This includes but is not limited to: IP addresses, Minecraft Account(s), Email accounts, and Skype profiles. DoXing is not allowed.

    - Triple Posting
    Do not post back to back on a thread, this can be seen as post farming. If you need to reply to multiple people on a thread, make sure to quote your posts into one.

    - Promoting Moderator Application
    Do not promote your mod application in any area of the forums (signature and your profile excluded)

    - Report Function Abuse
    Do not abuse the report a post function. Staff monitor all reported posts and abuse of this function can earn an infraction. Report abuse includes reporting posts that don't break the rules or reporting the same post multiple times.

    - Post Farming
    Do not post repeatedly with the sole intention of getting your message count up. This is known as post-farming.

    - Gravedigging
    Do not post on a thread over 30 days old, although introductions, moderator applications, help, reports, appeals, and suggestions do not apply to this. Also, if you are the owner of the thread it is completely fine.

    - Collabritave Rule Breaking
    If you are caught collaboratively breaking the rules with other players or encouraging them to do so, you will be punished as well.

    - Common Sense
    Use common sense on the forums. If something seems like it's wrong or should be against the rules, don't do it. If you have questions about something you'd like to post or do, message a staff member about it.

    - Punishment Evasion
    Please do not make alt accounts/share accounts to evade the punishment.

    - Alts
    Please do not make alternate accounts. Alts are only permitted in the case of a forum ban, in which case they are restricted to only posting in the appeals section. This means no following, rating, or posting outside of the proper section.

    Begging/Complaining/Hate Threads:
    - Do not create threads begging for free items, ranks, etc.
    - Do not create threads complaining/bashing anyone on forums
    - Do not create threads directly targeting a certain member.

    - DDoS/Dox/Death Threats:
    Do not threaten anyone with the intention of DDoSing or Doxing them, this it not taken lightly and will have severe punishments. Death threats are phorhibited as well.

    - Do not edit your own post if it's been edited by a staff member.
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