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    If you have not done so already, please take the time to read through our server rules to ensure that you fully understand what is and is not allowed while interacting with other players on the server. All players are expected to abide by these rules, without exception. Players will be infracted based on the severity of their actions, with varying punishments and durations. Repeat offenders will be subject to progressively longer punishments.

    Please feel free to send a private message to any staff member if you would like any of the rules clarified, or explained in a different way, and we will be happy to help.

    The full list of server rules can be found below. Please read through each explanation, in order to ensure that you fully understand the rules by which you are expected to abide while playing on Skyblock. The rules apply to all servers on Skyblock.

    Server Rules: Skyblock

    Abusing Exploits/Bugs

    Abusing exploits or bugs within the game, especially if done to gain any sort of unfair advantage, is against our server rules. If you happen to come across a bug or exploit, please report it here, and do not attempt to recreate it unless directly asked by an administrator to do so. Punishments can range from a simple verbal warning, all the way to a permanent removal from the server, depending on the severity of the situation.

    IRL Trading

    Selling accounts or items on the server, for any form of outside currency, is against our server rules. Players are allowed to trade in-game items with others, in return for rank upgrades or purchases from the Skyblock store; however, this is the only exception to the rule.


    Taking items from other players without their consent is considered griefing. Doing so will almost always result in an immediate ban, and the items will be confiscated to be returned to the original owner. Repeat offenders may be given more severe infractions. That being said, staff cannot always guarantee that stolen items are returned and we strongly recommend all players exercise caution when deciding who to /trust or /coop. There are frequently cases where players have agreed to share items and then later fight over ownership, accusing each other of griefing or looting. These will be investigated and handled on a case by case basis, and players will usually be asked to work it out between themselves. Falsely accusing another player of griefing can result in punishment as well.


    Scamming users in any way is not allowed on this server. Please keep in mind that intentionally misleading players, in ways such as lying about possible prizes at casinos, creating misleading trade shops, or false advertising, can all be considered forms of scamming. Actively attempting to deceive players with regards to item prices can also be considered scamming, even if the other player agrees to the trade.

    Island Farming

    Island farming is the process of repeatedly recreating islands, either with your main or alternate account, for the sole purpose of harvesting them to gain more starter materials, such as sand, dirt, and buckets. Players are free to reset their island if they genuinely just feel like either restarting, or clearing all items/builds on their island. It is very easy for staff members to differentiate between situations involving actual island farming, and situations in which the player simply decided to restart their island, without doing so only to gain illegal materials.

    Fly Hacking

    While most hacks are allowed on this server, fly hacking is one of the few exceptions. Please refer to this thread for an in-depth explanation regarding the legality of various hacks.


    Advertising servers not owned by Noobcrew, in public chat, is against our server rules. Most server names and suspicious IPs will be caught by our filter; however, you may still be punished for either attempting to evade the filter, or successfully doing so.


    Attempting to threaten or intimidate users (DoXing, physical violence, death wishes) on this server is taken very seriously, and will result in an immediate removal from the server. We must take all threats very seriously; attempting to threaten players with personally identifiable information, or threatening to harm them in any way will not be tolerated, under any circumstances.

    Disrespectful or Inappropriate Comments

    While interacting with others on this server, it is expected that all players are to be treated with respect, regardless of their race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, religion, personal values, or beliefs. Disrespect towards any player or group will result in an immediate infraction.

    Hacked/Modified Clients

    Please refer to this thread to view the list of acceptable hacks. While there are a significant number of hacks that are allowed, to avoid any misunderstandings, please review this thread and assume all hacks or modifications to one's client to be against the rules, unless explicitly stated otherwise in this thread.

    Inappropriate Builds

    Creating any sort of inappropriate builds/map art on your island is strictly forbidden, especially if it is open for other players to freely visit. This includes, but is not limited to, vulgar language, inappropriate visuals, demeaning racial slurs, or symbols associated with major world events that are considered sensitive subjects, and have the potential to offend players.

    Inappropriate Usernames/Skins

    Logging on to the server with an inappropriate name or skin will result in an immediate ban until it has been changed. Please either private message the staff member that banned you, or create an appeal, in order to be unbanned. Please keep in mind that we are not able to provide a full list of the names and skins that are not appropriate, as it would be impossible to include every possibility, meaning that staff must use their own judgement when making the decision to infract a player for having an inappropriate skin or username. With that being said, there still are general guidelines that we are able to provide, to assist players in determining whether their name is appropriate for this server. The following names/skins are not allowed:
    • Usernames or skins containing any sort of vulgar language, or inappropriate visuals such as nude skins, respectively.
    • Usernames or skins making fun of or relating to major world events or historical figures that are considered to be part of potentially offensive subjects.
    • Usernames or skins containing any sort of demeaning or racial slur. Examples could include using numbers rather than letters to avoid filters, while conveying the same meaning.

    Malicious Links

    Posting malicious links, containing pornographic content, IP grabbers, or any sort of explicit material, is strictly forbidden. Offenders will be immediately removed from the server.

    Nick Abuse

    Nick abuse is the act of setting your nickname to that of another player, without their consent, especially when using the /nick feature to impersonate a user in a malicious way, such as making offensive comments while using their nickname. Offenders will be asked to change their /nick and may be muted if they fail to comply.

    False Reports & Forging/Manipulating Evidence

    Players are welcome to file a report if they witness or suspect a player breaking the rules. Each case will be investigated by a moderator and the results communicated to the reporting player. Falsifying evidence in order to get staff to punish another player will result in punishment for the user filing the report.

    Evading Punishments

    Using alternate accounts to evade punishments is prohibited. If you are caught doing this, your punishment will be carried over to all accounts associated with the one originally receiving the infraction, and may be extended if this behavior is repeated.

    Please keep in mind that these rules are subject to change. We will do our best to notify players of any future updates.

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