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Discussion in 'Guides & "How To"' started by IntoxicatedMC, Sep 23, 2012.

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  1. IntoxicatedMC

    IntoxicatedMC Member

    Hey guys and gals, I just wanted to share some of my tricks and tips with the community. I have played Minecraft before the Nether existed, so one could say I'm fairly experienced. So, here are a couple of tips and tricks I have collected over the years, none of them are ground breaking and I don't think all of them were found by me. I will be updating this post regularly so free to watch this thread. Thanks for reading my rambling. (BTW, Feel free to contribute!)

    Tip #1: Double the snow!

    Snow is probably the easiest block to acquire in Skyblock, but not many people know it can be made twice as quickly.


    If you position yourself so your shovel will hit the top of your 1st piece of snow and the side of the 2nd piece (if the 1st piece wasn't there) then you will destroy the 1st piece and then the 2nd piece before the snow golem makes the 1st piece spawn back. I know that's a weird explanation but to be fair its kinda hard to explain. If you need help just look at the diagram above. Also if you don't know how to make a snow farm here's a picture.


    More tips & tricks coming soon!
  2. Soulskilledu

    Soulskilledu Active Member

    My favorite way to get snow is to put a snow golem on a 2x2 square, and then place glass blocks around him at the top.

    He won't move or despawn and you don't need 2 golems if you are low on pumpkins.
    Although, few people have glass or iron to spare. >.>

    *Glass panes*
  3. JeffCiv

    JeffCiv Active Member

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  4. GreySwordz

    GreySwordz Restricted

    My favorite way to farm snow is to put a snow golem in a 1x1 square, stand with it, and hold down break

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