How to make a Rainbow Sheep

Discussion in 'Guides & "How To"' started by LMurph007, Dec 22, 2013.

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  1. LMurph007

    LMurph007 Active Member

    To start, you will need the following items:
    • An anvil
    • A sheep spawn egg
    • Five levels of experience
    Now you will put the egg in the anvil and name it "jeb_" (DON'T forget the underscore)

    Once you have your named your egg, you may take it out and use it to spawn your very own colored sheep!

    Hope this helped :)
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  2. IGNSherlock

    IGNSherlock Active Member

    Tested & Approved!
  3. AppleGuyPro

    AppleGuyPro Active Member

    THANK YOU. Jeez, its annoying how people are spamming chat of selling rainbow sheep. Now people can do it on their own ;)
  4. [Bro] EpicSquid

    [Bro] EpicSquid New Member

    Is this only for or for minecraft in general?
  5. LMurph007

    LMurph007 Active Member

    Minecraft in general
  6. [Bro] EpicSquid

    [Bro] EpicSquid New Member

    AWESOME!! Thanks
  7. abolduc02

    abolduc02 Active Member

    Am I doing something wrong because it's not working for me C:

    EDIT: Nevermind, I was in 1.7.2 C:
  8. Steve333333333

    Steve333333333 Active Member

    i use 'em' as disco balls:p
  9. Dat42CrewMember

    Dat42CrewMember Member

    If you have a rainbow sheep, and it isn't rainbow, make sure you:
    Spelled"jeb_" properly
    Playing on 1.7.4
  10. Bdarkslayer

    Bdarkslayer Active Member

    I was just wondering, since I am an overlord, I can spawn a pet. If I name my pet this, will it make it rainbow?
  11. iridium174

    iridium174 Active Member

    From wiki
    • As of 1.7.4, renaming a sheep to "jeb_" will cause it to cycle through all possible sheep colors in a fading rainbow effect. When sheared, the wool of the sheep will remain whatever color the sheep was before being named.
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  12. FromLegoUniverse

    FromLegoUniverse Well-Known Member

    100% 1.7.4 feature.

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